No. Domain Category Description
01 Business The original domain, opened 2005. Main page for my creative consultancy business.
02 Blog My first vanity blog, currently neglected.
03 Blog Newest addition to the blog collection. Morse & Company aims to achieve a balance between photography and writing.
04 Blog My wife's blog. Focuses on all things neat and beautiful for smart, style-savvy babies, kids, and their parents. Remains under construction.
05* Publication Quarterly publication focusing on land conservation, nature and sportsman writing, with an emphasis on activities that are available in the Great Lakes region such as Sailing, Hiking, Fly-fishing, Hunting, Canoeing, etc.
06* Tool Similar to Twitter, but specifically for 10 second video clips of people or animals dancing. Photos can be rated, providing trending data for dance moves and styles.
07 Portfolio A sampling of my editorial photography.
08 Portfolio A selection of my collected works in photography.
09* Business Arts foundation providing financial assistance and community events for artists working in Leelanau County, Michigan.
10* Business The digital storefront for a hardgoods shop.
11* Publication An under-funded print and video effort to document the artisans and crafstmen of the midwest. Hope to eventually produce a website that provides videos and textual interviews with creative types, in addition to an annualy produced print publication. This may also have an artist grant component, where financial assistance is provided to artists working with subject matter that has to do with the American Midwest.
12 Blog A selection of moderate political voices in an increasingly extreme and polarized democracy.
13* Business A small hard-goods design and production company specializing in hand-made hard goods for the home (i.e. furniture, organizational accessories, kitchen tools, and toys).
14 Tool Directory of domains I own and operate.
15* Business Fresh hand-made pasta company.
16 Blog Big photos and no text. As a society, we are gradually communicating with images more than with text.
17 Archive Originally created to provide information about our wedding, this is the future home of our wedding photos.
18* Business Hand-made, custom image rubber stamps.
19* Business The most beautiful solution for quiet, non-electric coffee grinding the world has ever seen. A tool to help you live a better life.
20 Tool A space for thoughtful correspondance with a philosopher friend.
21* Business An art gallery, specializing in landscape painting.
22 Blog A collection of photos that I take during regular walks. This website is the catalyst for a creative exercise in picture making.
23* Business A small business offering hand-drawn posters that are intended to be used during weddings, birthday parties, or family reunions.
24* Business Hand-made bodysurfing hand planes. Made to order with Michigan grown hardwood. Website coming soon.
25 Blog A running archive of life at Morsefield. Morsefield is currently an undeveloped acreage in Northport, Michigan. Soon, Morsefield will be an active estate — the permanent home of the growing Morse family — and an ever-welcoming retreat for friends and family.
26 Business Fine, handmade calligraphy pens specializing in unusually wide nibs. Inventory to be available early 2014.

* Future endeavor